The Frighteners (1996): Rays' Funeral


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The clip Rays' funeral from The Frighteners (1996) with R. Lee Ermey

There were times when people accused Ray...
of being less than generous, but I am sure that deep down...
the man possessed a heart of gold and a generous spirit.
It's true. He wouldn't lie, not at a time like this.
Because God has chosen...
to call Ray from this life to Himself, we commit his body to the ground.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Jesus, what a waste.
It's a goddamn tragedy!
Good-bye, Ray.
Oh, sweetheart, don't cry.
Oh, shit!
Hey, Frank!
I know you can hear me!
Get me out of this hole!
Frank! Get me out!
Hiya, Frank.
Hi, Walt.
I'm surprised to see you. Here on business?
Not exactly.
They're going to bury me alive!
I hear you and Lynskey had a little run-in the night before he died.
Apart from his wife...
you were the last person to see him alive.
You're the one here on business.
No. The FBI is very concerned about these deaths.
They look like heart attacks...
but when they slice these people open, their arteries are...

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