The Frighteners (1996): Mystery Heart Attacks


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The clip mystery heart attacks from The Frighteners (1996)

"The mystery heart condition that has killed over 30 people in 4 years...
has claimed another victim.
Doctors are baffled as to why fit and healthy people...
are suffering massive heart attacks.
Many residents claim that the 'Shadow of Death'...
has again descended on the town. "
"Shadow of Death"? I don't like it.
That's what they're saying. People are scared out there.
"For decades, Fairwater has been linked with death...
following the 1964 Bradley-Bartlett murder spree.
Thirty years later, as the death toll steadily rises...
it appears the Grim Reaper has once again returned...
to the quiet streets of Fairwater. "
Oh, no. Steve, no.
I asked for a new angle. Give me something fresh.
I want to see the human face of this tragedy. Talk to the families.
How has this affected the local community?
Yes, Miss Rees-Jones.
And, Steve...
no more references to death as a person.

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