Notting Hill (1999): the Boyfriend


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The clip the boyfriend from Notting Hill (1999) with Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts

Hi. Hi.
To be able to do that is such a wonderful thing.
You've got to go. Why?
Because my boyfriend, who was in America, is, in fact, now in the next room.
Boyfriend? Yes.
Hey, baby, who is it?
Room service.
How are you doing?
I thought you guys always wore those penguin coats?
Usually we do.
But I was just changed to go home.
And then I thought I'd take this final call.
Oh, great. If you don't mind, I would like something, too.
Could you bring me up some really, really cold water?
I'll see what I can do.
Still, not sparkling.
Absolutely. Ice-cold still water.
Unless, of course, it's illegal in the UK
to serve beverages below room temperature.
I wouldn't want you going to jail just to satisfy my whim, now.
I'm sure it's fine. Thank you.
Hey, one more thing, if you don't mind,
could you adi�s these dirty dishes and take out that trash, too?
No. No. Don't do that.
I don't think it's his job to clear.
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What's your name, man?
Oh, listen, Bernie, thank you, I really appreciate it.
Hey, you...
So, tell me, tell me, tell me. Good surprise or nasty surprise?
Good surprise.
Oh, you're such a liar. She hates surprises.
Hey, what are you gonna order?
From him. What are you gonna order?
I haven't decided yet.
Well, don't overdo it.
I don't want people saying,
"There goes that famous actor with the big fat girlfriend. "

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