Notting Hill (1999): Blind Dates


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The clip blind dates from Notting Hill (1999) with Hugh Grant, Emma Bernard

Now, try.
I got completely lost. It's real difficult, isn't it?
Everything's got the word Kensington in it.
Kensington Park Road. Kensington Gardens.
Kensington bloody Park Gardens.
Look, Tessa, this is Bella, my wife.
Hello. You're in a wheelchair.
Yeah, that's right.
And this is William.
Hello, William. Hi.
Max has told me everything about you.
Has he?
Oh, yes. You are a naughty boy.
Wine? Oh, yes, please.
Come on, Willie, let's get sloshed.
Red or white?
Some woodcock?
No, thank you, I'm a fruitarian.
What is a fruitarian exactly?
Well, we believe that fruits and vegetables have feelings, so we think cooking is cruel.
We only eat things that have actually fallen from the tree or bush.
That are, in fact, dead already.
Oh, right.
So, these carrots...
Have been murdered, yes.
Gosh, poor old carrots. That's beastly.
Delicious coffee.
I'm sorry about the lamb.
No, I thought it was really, you know, interesting.
"Interesting" means "inedible. "
Really inedible, yes, you're right.
Well, maybe we'll meet again.
Yeah. Yeah. That'll be great.

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