Notting Hill (1999): Anna Comes to Apologize Part 2


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The clip anna comes to apologize Part 2 from Notting Hill (1999) with Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant

So it's just been sitting in the hotel.
Then you came, and I figured...
The thing is...
What? What is the thing?
Don't even think about it. Go away, immediately. Go away.
Right. Sorry.
You were saying?
I have to go away today, but I wondered if I didn't,
whether you might let me see you a little,
or a lot, maybe.
See if you could like me again.
But yesterday that actor asked you who I was
and you just dismissed me out of hand.
I heard.
You had a microphone, I had headphones.
What, you expect me to tell the truth about my life
to the most indiscreet man in England?
Excuse me. It's your mother on the phone.
Will you tell her I'll ring her back, please?
I've actually tried that tack, but she said you've said that once before,
and it's now been about 24 hours
and the foot that was purple is now sort of blackish in color and...
Right, right, yeah. Perfect timing as ever.
Martin, hold the fort a second.
Yes, all right.

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