Notting Hill (1999): Different Perspectives


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Depending if he's got the brains to get the going rate on betrayal.
That is not true. Wait a minute. This is crazy behavior.
Can't we just laugh about all this?
Seriously, in the huge sweep of things, this stuff doesn't matter.
What he's gonna say next is there's people starving in the Sudan.
Well, there are. And we don't have to go anywhere near that far.
My best friend slipped.
She slipped down stairs, cracked her back,
and she's in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
You know, all I'm asking for is a normal amount of perspective.
You're right. Of course, you're right.
It's just that I've dealt with this garbage for 10 years.
You've had it for 10 minutes. Our perspectives are very different.
I mean, today's newspapers will be lining tomorrow's wastepaper bins.
Excuse me?
Well, you know, it's just one day.
Tomorrow, today's papers will all have been thrown out.
You really don't get it. This story will be filed.
Every time anyone writes anything about me,
they'll dig up these photos.
Newspapers last forever. I'll regret this forever.
I will feel the opposite, if that's okay by you.
And always be glad that you came to stay.
You're probably right. You'd better go.

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