Twins (1988): the Girls Visit Part 2


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The clip the girls visit Part 2 from Twins (1988) with Dendrie Taylor, Danny DeVito

Excuse me.
Never sleep with that man, never loan him money,
never believe a word he tells you. That's free advice.
Good morning, Agnes.
I cleaned her pipes once. Let's go have a cup of coffee.
Vincent, I'm comin' with you.
Linda, no, you're not coming with me.
Yes, I am.
No, you're not coming.
You could get killed and die and I wouldn't know what happened.
You say "no" one more time,
I'm gonna tell everybody that there's-
Shut up! Shut up!
All right. Oh, God.
All right, you're coming.
But you do not tell Julius what's in that trunk.
He thinks we're going to look up our ancestors...
like in "Roots" or something. All right?
Does this one look okay?
It looks fine.
It's good you didn't have to borrow his pants.
Marnie, guess what?
Linda, what?
Vince just asked us to go to New Mexico and Texas with him.
This is a great idea.
Vincent, is this true? We all go together?
I thought it was a great idea if we all hopped in the car...
and spent a few days on the road together.
Nice shirt.
Feels great. It's all cotton.
Well, it breathes.
It's okay. Come out.
All right. Here, Linda.
Oh, can I ride in front with Vincent?

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