Twins (1988): Vincent Leaves Julius


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The clip vincent leaves julius from Twins (1988)

Ahhh, oof!
Twinny, I hope you didn't blow your wad on the tickets,
because I'm gonna need a lot more money to get my car.
I have more money.
You do?
I'm glad to help you. Vincent, I'm your brother.
I love you.
Look, ease up on the love talk,
because I'm gonna be tossing my cookies in a minute.
Tossing your cookies?
Oh, that's more slang!
Where the hell is it?
This is your car, isn't it?
Yeah, that's it.
You pay a huge fine, then they hide it on you.
How'd you know this was my car?
We're twins!
I'm so excited. Now we can go to museums together,
talk philosophy together, read books together.
Play chess together.
Get lost together.
He's so full of energy.

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