Twins (1988): the Story of Julius


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The clip the story of julius from Twins (1988)

On his 35th birthday,
I decided to tell Julius Benedict...
the truth about himself.
Julius already knew that he was the product...
of a scientific experiment...
conducted by the American government.
A top-secret experiment designed to produce a physically,
mentally and spiritually advanced human being.
He knew that, unlike other little boys,
he had not one, but six fathers-
All very distinguished men...
especially chosen for their genetic excellence.
And of course,
he knew about Mary Ann Benedict,
the remarkable young woman...
who was selected to be his mother.
Sadly, he had long lived with the tragic knowledge...
that his mother died while giving birth to him.
Now, what Julius did not know,
not until this very moment,
was that about a minute after he was born...
his mother gave birth to another baby boy.

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