Man on the Moon (1999): Lynne is Agree at the Prank


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The clip lynne is agree at the prank from Man on the Moon (1999)

Is it an act?
Or are you just addicted to causing trouble?
I can quit anytime I want, baby!
You know what? I'm not a prop. Don't ever treat me like that again.
I'm sorry.
I just get caught up, that's all.
Sometimes I get lost.
Please, Andy, enough with the wrestling.
You don't think that I can beat him?
He's the southern heavyweight champion! He'll kill you!
I don't know. I've wrestled women that are bigger than him...
...and I've mopped the floor with 'em.
Well, first you piss off women...
...then you piss off the South, then you get killed.
And I did the booking.
It's funny. Listen, I got this job that I want you to take.
It's guest-hosting the TV show Fridays.
It's not a great TV show, but it'll be good for you.
It's live, they'll give you carte blanche...
...and you can get back in the business of making people laugh.
You said "live"?
I don't do drug humor.
Andy, it's fine.
This is what the show is all about. Kids love this stuff.
But I don't do drugs, and I don't enjoy making light of them.
I was promised creative control.
No one promised you creative control.
You got the script three days ago, and don't say a word...
...until now. We're on live in minutes. It's too late.
Let's go! Bring the audience in!
Live from the Los Angeles basin...
Janice! Lt's on!'s Fridays!
Tonight's special guest star...
...Andy Kaufman!
In this sketch, two married couples are out to dinner.
Everybody has secretly brought along a joint.
And Carl was the last one to sneak to the bathroom to get a little high.

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