Man on the Moon (1999): Andy and Lawler Fight Part 2


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The clip andy and lawler fight Part 2 from Man on the Moon (1999) with Jerry Lawler

They are going to lynch him.
And now for lesson two.
This is toilet paper!
Good grief.
Use it!
Let me tell you something, Kaufman. We've had enough of your crap.
Now, let's do what we came here to do, let's wrestle, right now!
All right, here we go. The King is ready, and I hope...
...for Kaufman's sake, he's ready.
Kaufman's due a trip to the old woodshed here.
I never thought I'd see the day that...
Well, look at Kaufman!
Yeah, Kaufman doesn't want any part of Lawler.
He's an absolute embarrassment to humanity...
...this man from Hollywood.
You see, I am from Hollywood.
Who cares?
I have the brains.
Nobody cares where you're from!
"I'm the King. I'm the King. I'm the King of Memphis, Tennessee. "
Andy, please, let's go home.
Don't worry, Mom, I'll make you proud.
Kaufman got nailed with somethin'. Some fan threw somethin'.
Who did that?
You cannot touch me!
I'll sue you!
Hey, Kaufman!
I make more money in one day...
...than you do in your entire lives combined.
Did you come down here to wrestle or act like an ass?
Now get in the ring! I'll give you a free headlock, okay?

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