Man on the Moon (1999): Andy's Childhood


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The clip andy's childhood from Man on the Moon (1999)

This is our house.
And that's my father's old car.
That's my father.
That's my little brother, Michael.
That's my little sister, Carol.
And that's my mom.
Janice, Andy's up in his room?
Mr. Bear is saying that Mrs. Cat made his head fall off.
Mrs. Bear is saying, she saw it, and it's not true.
Today's special guest, Mr. Bear. What's up, Mr. Bear?
Son, this has got to stop.
Our house is not a television station. There's not a camera in that wall.
I mean, this is not healthy. You should be outside, playing sports.
But I have my own sports show.
Andy, you know that's not what I meant. I'm gonna put my foot down.
No more playing alone.
You want to perform, you have got to have an audience.
They're right there!
That is not an audience. That is plaster.
An audience is made of people. People who live and breathe.
Andy Kaufman and Howdy Doody present, The Animal Song!
Now, I'm gonna say the animal, and then you tell me what it says, okay?
"The cow goes
"And the cat goes
"Meow, meow
"And the bird goes
"Tweet, tweet
"And the lion goes

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