Man on the Moon (1999): Tony Clifton


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The clip tony clifton from Man on the Moon (1999)

And now, Mama Rivoli's is proud to present... international singing sensation!
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Tony Clifton!
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...due to Mr. Clifton's vocal constraints, out of respect for him...
...he asks you to please extinguish your smoking materials...
...your cigars and cigarettes, please.
Goddamn, I paid $10 for that cigar!
I'm sorry.
Is he for real?
And now...
...ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Entertainment...
...Tony Clifton!
He's smoking. What's he doing?
"No wonder my happy heart sings
"Your love has given me wings
"I got the wings of a dove
"I got the wings
"I got the chicken wings from Kentucky Fried
"Whoop-de-doo, whoop-de-di
"Stick a needle in your eye! "
Let's get somethin' straight. I play the big showrooms in Vegas.
I need this place like I need a shotgun blast to the face.

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