Man on the Moon (1999): the Family Receives the News


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The clip the family receives the news from Man on the Moon (1999)

The cancer started here in Andy's lungs and spread to his left arm.
We've initiated an aggressive radiation program.
See if we can eradicate the affected cells.
Dr. Sullivan, line one.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
What a crock.
How dare you make light of this?
Dad, I cried when he broke his neck. He's not getting me again.
Jesus Christ, Carol, he's got lung cancer.
He wants us scratching our heads, asking ourselves, "Is this real?"
Of course it's real.
We're in a hospital.
Mom, it's Cedars-Sinai.
It's a show biz hospital.
Andy's studio friends probably run this place.
He plans these things. He takes over and hires actors.
Personally, I didn't think that doctor guy was very convincing.
Did you notice he had the wrong shoes?
He didn't have doctor shoes.
No, that's bullshit!

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