Raising Cain (1992): The Truth About the Research


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The clip The truth about the research from Raising Cain (1992)

The raw data was extraordinarily detailed.
It was as if he'd gotten into a time machine
and seen each of Cain's personality splitting traumas as it occurred.
I was never allowed to meet Cain.
His true identity was known only to Dr Nix.
All the information I had
I transcribed from tapes recorded during their sessions.
So, how do you think he got the information?
I never knew for sure
but years later, when he got arrested for trying to buy babies,
I suspected there could only be one answer.
He had created Cain's multiple personalities in order to study them.
He had taken some innocent child and split its personality.
He needed a control group to test his theories,
that's why he was buying babies.
To the right.
And you testified against him at his trial?
A man like that should be in jail!
What happened to Cain?
Only Dr Nix knew that.
What's the story, Al?
Looks like she was put in the car alive and then drowned.
Look at her nails. See how they're cut and torn?
Looks like she was trying to claw her way out.
You should see the expression on her face.

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