Raising Cain (1992): Waldheim Reports Her Findings


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The clip Waldheim reports her findings from Raising Cain (1992) with Gregg Henry

It's quite something, after writing about him for years,
to finally meet him.
Carter is Cain.
And Josh and Margo and God knows who else.
Now it is clear to me how Dr Nix got all his precise data.
He traumatised his own son.
Then, over the years, he observed the effects.
Does Carter know what he did?
Carter didn't do anything.
Cain did all the killing.
Who is Cain?
One of Carter's multiples,
one of the ones Dr Nix created when he abused him as a child.
When something bad is about to happen to Carter
or when something bad has to be done,
Carter blacks out and Cain takes over.
After the unpleasantness, Cain exits and Carter wakes up.
He has lost some time. He doesn't remember how he got where he is
or what happened while he was asleep.
He may be confused but his conscience is clean.
So how do we find the children?
Carter doesn't know where they are
but one of the other multiples may.
And how do we talk to them?
Hypnotism is the fastest though not always the most prudent method.
We've got to find these babies now.
Then I will need an absolutely quiet space
where I can be alone with Carter.
Whatever you need, and do it fast.
I don't wanna be walking behind any little coffins.
It's all right.
We'll find them.

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