Raising Cain (1992): Josh Recounts


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The clip Josh recounts from Raising Cain (1992) with John Lithgow

How old are you?
Seven and a half.
Why are you the one who came to talk to me?
I don't know.
Why are you here?
I don't know!
Try to think.
What is the last thing that you remember, hm?
I was in a playground.
A playground.
And what happened?
Get out of here!
I saw Cain.
He was going to do something bad,
something I'd be blamed for.
I told him it was bad! Then I told Margo.
She got real mad! She told me to go to sleep!
Then I woke up here.
My... My arm hurts.
That's why I'm here.
Could you explain that?
That's what Margo says.
That's what she says.
Hickory dickory dock. Cain has picked his lock.
He did a bad deed and Josh comes to bleed.
Hickory dickory dock.

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