Raising Cain (1992): the Study in Norway


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The clip the study in Norway from Raising Cain (1992)

He is such an amazing kid. You've done a great job with him.
Do you realise how important these early years are?
Are you kidding? I've read all the books
and I get all the expert advice I can handle from my mother-in-law.
I know what you mean. I've seen her in action. Oh, boy.
Don't you have any know-it-all relatives?
My father wrote the book on child development.
Fortunately, it's in Norwegian.
What does he say on the subject? In English.
What does he not have to say?
That bad?
Actually, he's one of the most visionary men in his field.
He heads a child-development clinic outside of Oslo.
We're taking Amy there next week.
Jenny never said anything about Amy going to a clinic in Norway.
It would be a great opportunity for you and Sam.
I think Sam's a little young.
I don't know. A big boy like Sam?
What's so visionary about your dad's clinic, anyway?
First of all, it's in a beautiful, natural country setting.
Amy will be supervised by a team of child psychologists
who record her progress hourly.
But you can't study child development
and think anyone is gonna take it seriously
if you only have one subject.
It's just another case history.
So, what we're setting up is a control group of gifted children.
We'll need at least five, none of them older than three years old.
That's why I want Sam...
To be your guinea pig?
Carter, you got to be kidding.
Nobody will send their kid to some snake pit in Norway
for some developmental study.
It's not a snake pit.
Do you think I'd let Amy go unless it was completely safe?
No! But I can't believe Jenny agrees with it.
Just forget it.

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