Mister Lonely (2007): Nuns Board the Plane


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The clip nuns board the plane from Mister Lonely (2007)

OK, sisters, the cardboard boxes first.
Yes, put them right there.
Move this here. Yeah, the rice bags, I need the rice bags.
This here goes close to the door, yes.
Put it close. This goes first.
And don't drop it over Zapaxa, don't drop it over Shazuta.
You wait for Puerto Escondido, you wait for my signal.
And this goes close to the exit. Close to the exit.
How many of you are going? How much place do we have?
Three... three spaces.
So it's you, Sister, you, and you.
You will go on the plane and you will do it.
You will be onboard. Where's the third?
Ah, you are already... Yes, you stay onboard.
And you wait for my signal. You wait, you wait.
Don't drop it over the first or second village.
Over Puerto Escondido, and I'm gonna give the signal.
Sisters, good luck.
Sisters, goodbye.
I'll see you, but step back from the wing, step back from the wing! We are gonna fly.
Sisters, are you ready?
Yes, Father.
Ready all the time?
Yes, Father, always.
Ready with the Lord?
Yes, amen.

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