Smokin' Aces (2006): Carruthers Reaches the Hotel


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The clip Carruthers reaches the hotel from Smokin' Aces (2006)

They're getting close, man.
Got about a handful of deal points and then we're getting close.
What are you shaking for, man?
But it's all good, right? Yeah.
Look at me, man. Look at me. What's up? I'm working.
Yeah, okay. What's up?
You believe in loyalty, don't you?
Do I believe in loyalty?
Especially the kind of loyalty
where an otherwise sensible motherfucker like myself
put his own best interests aside... That's why you're my man.
'Cause outside a goddamn dog,
that kind of loyalty, my kind of shit,
don't get no more dedicated
or devout. What are you trying to say?
What I've been saying. I need to get your head of security right now.
He's not picking up the extension.
I know that. What floor are they on?
I don't know right now. What floor are they on, Ricky?
Okay, you know, that's one of our guys right over there.
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Excuse me, sir. Yes.
Special Agent Donald Carruthers, FBI.
I need to get to your penthouse level immediately.
Well, I'm headed there right now. Sure.
Is this an emergency? Let's hope not.

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