Smokin' Aces (2006): Explaining About Sparazza


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The clip explaining about sparazza from Smokin' Aces (2006) with Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta

Sparazza has been rumored to have performed
in excess of 100 contract murders,
including one of the Bureau's most celebrated agents, Freeman Heller.
I thought Heller was a double-op?
He worked for the OSS before joining the Bureau in its heyday.
He was the first operative assigned with infiltrating the mob.
Fake identity, falsified backgrounds,
everything that is now standard operating procedure,
Heller implemented way back when.
...your attention to these overlays,
I'll show you exactly what I meant when I said, "Change my face. "
And as a result, his undercover work was highly successful.
Using the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery,
I will have my ears pinned back.
Removing a slight piece of bone in my chin, I will alter my jaw line.
Eventually, he reached the rank of capo inside the Carlotta crime family,
but due to some internal slipup, his cover was compromised.
Primo Sparazza was given the contract to kill him.
Sparazza is a bit of a specter.
Over the years, the serious crimes with which he was thought to be involved with,
including Heller's murder, could never be traced back to him.
A dedicated viciousness and slavish devotion to mob doctrine
had Sparazza's star on the rise.
So they relocated him to Nevada and made him the head of the Las Vegas Cosa Nostra.
What's his connection to Israel?
Sparazza introduced Israel to the life.
Gave him his first big break onstage, brought him up through the ranks.
And Israel played the situation very shrewdly.
Slowly amassing the loyalties of Sparazza's top men,
with the idea of toppling the throne.
You know, I've seen some stupid moves, but...
Well, you spend your life pulling rabbits out of hats and sawing people in half,
anything seems possible.
Israel wanted to touch something real, something dangerous.
But what he wound up doing was splitting the family into dual factions.
Sparazza on one side, Israel on the other.
The infighting that followed drew the interest of every investigative body

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