Smokin' Aces (2006): Israel Agrees to the Deal


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The clip israel agrees to the deal from Smokin' Aces (2006) with Jeremy Piven, Curtis Armstrong

The deal is off in five minutes unless they give us something.
I don't know what to say to you. It is what it is.
Bullshit! It isn't! Listen...
I am not... I don't know how to say it any fucking louder, Morrie.
I am not giving up my boys.
And they are bricking us... All right? End of fucking song.
...on that particular issue, pally.
I've been cohabitating with these people for the last 30 hours.
These are the premier prick cocksuckers of all time.
And I feel beaten by them. I feel bloodied.
You're just gonna have to play ball.
No, I don't have to do shit, which includes cooperating with these fuckers,
until I get what I want!
Listen to me. If we have to give them someone,
give them Hugo, all right?
I can take that because he needs that regimented prison shit that they'll give him.
It's bigger than that. They want everybody.
Ivy, Beanie, Hugo, the works.
This is not a fucking swap meet, all right, Morrie?
I'm not giving up my boys and you fucking know that.
I gave you Sparazza.
I'm gonna give them Sparazza and the west-coast syndicate gift-wrapped.
Get it fucking done!
Listen to me, kid. Let's not antagonize this any more, okay?
If we push this, they are gonna revoke your protective status
and that nullifies any agreement we got.
And that is mate. Checkmate, kiddo.

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