Smokin' Aces (2006): Georgia Gets Ready


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The clip Georgia gets ready from Smokin' Aces (2006) with Alicia Keys, Taraji P. Henson

Because we don't need to bring any more shit down on our heads.
I'm saying we're gonna hit whoever's between us and Israel. That's how I'm on it.
I ain't trying to dead the whole floor
and I don't want to be killing no women.
No matter how they make their living.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I'm getting some fucked-up feedback off of that earpiece.
That's better? Yeah, much.
What you hearing right now?
There was something about some faggot-ass fed being up in the building.
A fed? Like FBI? Yeah. That's all right though. That's cool.
It's just some little casino inspection. Don't trip.
All right, then. When them tricks hit the lobby, I want you to holler at me.
I'm gonna meet them on their way up, blend in real nice.
Once I'm inside, I'm puttin' chrome to Israel's head and backing out hot.
Anybody get gully, you know.
I'm gonna grip and rip.
I got some handloads up here ready to put some niggas out. Trust me.
Just remember it's more of a rescue than a rampage, all right?
Hey, come on, man. You know I had to bring big mama through.
You got the.50 up? Sure do.
What the fuck? What the fuck are you trying to shoot?
A jumbo jet out of the sky?
Blast down the moon?
Any of these niggas make one false move, these bitches taking dirt naps.
I ain't trying to be up here all day. And I tell you what.
That bitch-ass fed get in the way, RIP, nigga.
Fucking Kevlar, the way I had to stitch it, this shit is itchy as hell.
Let me ask you a question. You heard from that nigga, Keith?
Or he still fucking with that little light-skinned girl?
I ain't trying to break a sweat off of that motherfucker.
Yeah, fuck that nigga, man.
Anyway, we got each other. That's all the love we ever gonna need.
Feel me?
You feel me, girl?
Oh, wait a minute.
I think the ho train just arrived.

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