Smokin' Aces (2006): Talking to Padiche


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The clip talking to padiche from Smokin' Aces (2006) with Jeremy Piven, Joel Edgerton

Yes, sir. Go ahead.
We're about three miles from the Nomad now.
So do this in the next day or so, get to Israel before the Swede can,
we're in a power position. All right, we'll be awaiting word.
All right, we got time. Want to go grab something to eat?
Yeah. Any word on this Swede?
No, just the mention in that phone call.
There's no Swedish hit man on anyone's radar.
Maybe he's that good.
You know, never been caught. No criminal record. It's possible.
Maybe, but that's very unlikely.
Jesus, I'll tell you, engineering this kind of play against Sparazza,
going to these lengths that these two guys are going,
they're playing some long odds.
Coffee? Anything? I don't want to order without...
No, no, we cool.
Coffee? No, no, thanks, darling. Lovely.
So, I spoke to Loretta this morning.
And she told me you, more or less, have a plan of attack.
My associate, Mr. Serna, I can get him on the phone
and if you could just speak to him and tell him your plan...
Your plans. What you got in mind? Pussy.
I'm sorry?
Yeah, Israel likes pussy.
And we like
that he likes...
enough said.
Hi, Jack. Great, good, super. Come on in. Good to see you.

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