The Wiz (1978): the Lion is a Coward

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Published 15 Nov 2011
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The clip the lion is a coward from The Wiz (1978)

How dare you touch...
...the personage of a king?
You tacky package of horse fodder.
Begone, you overexcited slot machine. Ha-ha-ha-ha!
Oh! You mangy mutt! Oh!
He bit my paw!
King of the jungle?
King of the cowards.
You oughta be ashamed of yourself, scaring us like that.
You big scaredy-cat!
I can't scare anything. I can't even scare a scarecrow...
...a tin man or a little puppy, anything.
It's no wonder they drummed me out of the jungle.
Incapable Of Being King!
No! Wait, wait! Wait!
I was exiled in disgrace.
I thought I'd be safe here.
No one would... discover my terrible secret.
Uh, that I'm...
...a lion without any courage!
"Uneasy lies the head...
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