The Wiz (1978): Aunt Em Gives Dorothy Advice


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The clip Aunt Em gives Dorothy advice from The Wiz (1978) with Theresa Merritt

No automobiles are to be driven without snow tires or chains.
Winds up to 45 miles per hour...
That was a great dinner, Emma.
That baby!
You're a grandpa!
Our daughter's fine.
But Dorothy.
Give her time, honey.
Give her time.
Those dishes ain't gonna wash themselves.
Mrs. Warren's son looks real fine, don't he?
Aunt Em, please, no more matchmaking.
Did you make the decision about that new school yet?
It's no decision to make.
But, honey, it's a chance to teach in high school.
Get away from that kindergarten once and for all. It's more money.
But besides the money, it's a chance for you to be with older students.
Almost adults.
I like it with the kids, Aunt Em.
I know you do, honey.
And you're a fine teacher.
But that's why I think you'd enjoy teachin' high school.
Have a chance to be with the students for four years...
...such an important time in their development.
I'm really happy with the kids, Aunt Em.
But you been there for three years already.
It's time you got out of that sandbox and into some new people, new neighborhood.
Girl, do you know you're 24 years old and you've...
Never been south of 125th Street?
Well, you haven't.
Oh, here we go again. You get me so worked up...
...that I'm beginning to sound like a Jewish mother.
I can't see how goin' south of 125th Street ever made anybody's life better.
And you're never gonna know unless you try, are you?

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