Fred Claus (2007): The Brothers' Destiny


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The clip The brothers' destiny from Fred Claus (2007)

Our poor Fred.
Is this for me?
That tree was the last straw.
He began to resent his brother, his parents...
... and even his life.
Nicholas, why don't you open yours first?
Spin it. Spin it!
And like many unhappy children...
Why don't you open yours?
... he became angry.
Naughty, even.
I wonder what it is.
What's the matter, Nicholas?
But while Fred grew worse...
... Nicholas grew more generous and eventually...
... he fulfilled his mother's prophecy.
In manhood, he literally became a saint.
Now, it's a little-known rule of sainthood, but when you become a saint...
... you freeze in time, eternally ageless.
The rule applies to the family of the saint and the spouses, as well.
Now, you probably already have your suspicions of what became of Saint Nick.
The world grew to know and love him as Santa Claus.
But as I told you before, this is a story about Fred.
And the next part of Fred's story occurs in a time and place...
... that might be a little more familiar to you.

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