Fred Claus (2007): There're No Naughty Kids


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The clip There're no naughty kids from Fred Claus (2007)

I can't do that, Nick. I think you know that.
I'm not capable. I'm not even comfortable flying...
...or being a passenger, let alone trying to fly the sleigh.
I don't know my way around reindeer...
Hey, Fred.
It's all right.
It's ridiculous for anybody to expect that kind of thing. No.
You can't do that. You can't.
It's too huge. Believe me, I know.
And I would never ask you to do that, Fred.
It's all right.
It is all right.
Nick, there's been one thing that's been eating at me since I've been here.
That Naughty-Nice List that you got?
There's no naughty kids, Nick.
They're all good kids.
But some of them are scared.
And some of them don't feel listened to.
Some of them had some pretty tough breaks too.
But every kid deserves a present on Christmas.

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