Fred Claus (2007): Introducing Clyde Northcutt


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The clip Introducing Clyde Northcutt from Fred Claus (2007)

Your continued existence at the North Pole...
...will all be decided on a simple three-strike policy.
Make it through Christmas without three strikes, I send back a positive report.
If, however, you do get three strikes...
...this entire operation will be shut down permanently.
Oh, and one more thing, absolutely nobody is to know why I'm here.
Especially the elves.
Of course. Mr. Northcutt, the elves are extremely dedicated and hardworking.
I am confident that they will impress you, sir.
Ho, ho, holy cow.
Stop it. Stop it. Stop.
Everyone, this is Mr. Northcutt.
He'll be with us through Christmas.
Please make him welcome and let him observe.
Back to work.
They have never behaved like that before. I assure you.
No elf discipline.
Showing a complete lack of control over your entire workforce.
That's a biggie. It's disappointing. And that would be strike one.

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