Fred Claus (2007): Fred Changes the Song


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The clip Fred changes the song from Fred Claus (2007) with Ludacris

El Paso.
You're not gonna believe this! Another request for "Here Comes Santa Claus!"
This time from Beth in Accounting. Here you go!
Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me with the "Santa Claus" again?
Hey, DJ!
DJ Donnie!
What up, Fred!
Stop playing the same song over and over again. It becomes like mental torture.
But, Fred, it's so catchy!
God. Okay, Donnie. It's one song that's being played over and over again.
And the only thing that breaks that up is you announcing it's the same song.
It would be a nice gesture to play something different.
I said no!
Donnie, change the song.
No! No!
Change the song!
You know what? I'm gonna change the song, then, for you.
What are you getting physical for? Music's about love.
Don't get physical with me. We're trying to share.
What are you doing? Stop it. Come on, stop... What, are you gonna do it to me?
Donnie, stop. You're acting like an untrained dog.
Get ahold of yourself. Take a breath. Stop swinging at me. Will you calm down?
Okay, you know what? I'm gonna Supernanny you.
Put you in the Naughty cabinet. You can't handle yourself.
Listen to me, calm it down a little. Stop it.
Use your words. Use your words.
I'll let you out once you're sorry and you're ready to turn a corner...
...and be a team player, okay?
Don't do it! Put my elf foot up your butt!
I'm from the south side of the North Pole, man.
I hear you. Let me out!
Let's heat it up! Let's heat it up!

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