Fred Claus (2007): Dance Lessons


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The clip Dance lessons from Fred Claus (2007)

Fred. I feel ridiculous.
I don't know how to dance. I don't know the steps.
This is very uncomfortable for me.
Come on. Get out of your head for a second. Get into your body!
Okay, see, I'm not gonna do that. I can't actually do that.
We're no longer talking with this, we're gonna talk with...
Bring it. Bring it right now.
Bring all that green goodness that you have on and bring it right up on me.
Come on, this beautiful green angel. Now, put one hand here.
Great. Put another hand here. Come on, grip it. Don't be shy.
All we're gonna do is a little bit of a baby sway.
That's it, just a gentle rock back and forth. Just easy.
Now, you got short arms, which is good...
...because it means you gotta get close.
So go ahead, pull this big tugboat to shore. Anchors aweigh.
That's it. Okay, now, the next thing you do is put your hand on my back.
That's not my back, but it is a little bit naughty.
I like where you're headed, but for these purposes, let's just keep it professional.
Now, remember, Willie...
...dancing is not about dancing, right?
It's about connecting. Now, look me in the eye.
Great. Now, if I was a girl, I'd get goose bumps with what you just brought.
The other great thing about dancing is it's the perfect bridge to a kiss.
So all you gotta do is have fun, let me know I can have fun...
...and then when the time's right, that's when you make your move.
Get my blood pumping. Start to feel it.
Get your blood pumping!
Let's get excited. Let's make it happen.
Come on, big guy. Turn around and show me what you don't know.
That's it. Okay. That's one way to look at it. Keep moving it, baby.

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