Fred Claus (2007): Fred Refuses to Go to Dinner


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The clip Fred refuses to go to dinner from Fred Claus (2007)

Freddie, I am so glad you took my invitation for dinner.
I'm excited we're gonna be able to hang out as brothers.
Break bread, right?
I want one.
Nick! Nick!
Oh, boy. What?
Nick, come here.
Okay, okay.
What the heck is Mom doing in the house?
I want you to be honest, does she know I'm here?
Call me crazy, but my mom comes and visits me for the holidays every year.
I'm not going in there, Nick, because I don't visit with Mom...
...and I don't for good reason.
It would be really nice, if, for once...
...things were nice and calm and you just dropped by for dinner.
This isn't even debatable. I'm not going.
Ho, ho, ho, I'm not gonna listen to no.
There's a book, Does Fred Go to Dinner? Flip through the pages...
...and last page, Fred does not go to dinner. The End.
The sequel, know what it's called? Ding-dong, Who 's There? Why, it's Fred.
I'm not going.
Pumpkin pie. Come on.
Get it through your head. I am not going to dinner!

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