Fred Claus (2007): Elf Attack


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The clip Elf attack from Fred Claus (2007)

So I'm expecting Santa in 26 seconds.
Big Red is entering Zone One. I repeat, Big Red is entering Zone One.
He's got a gun!
Oh, no, no.
What's happening? Stop it!
What's happening? Stop it!
No, no, no, boys! Boys! Boys, easy!
Oh, Fred.
That was nuts!
What is happening here? You don't have ninjas jump me when I first...
What kind of greeting is that?
Excuse the guys...'s the month before Christmas, a tense time.
They get jumpy. They gotta make sure nothing happens to me.
Maybe something should happen to them. Maybe I give them something.
It won't happen again. They won't do it again.
You gotta put these guys on a leash.
I got you. I'm on top of it, ASAP.
You remember Annette. Say hey to Annette. Annette.
Annette, you didn't have to go get all gussied up on my account.
That last stint in jail has sharpened that rapier wit of yours.
That's great. I'm here for you and I really can't do enough for you.
Really? I thought you were here to take advantage of your well-meaning brother.
Oh, ho, okay.
Family's together again. Fun, fun, fun.
Hey, Fred, I've already made your sleeping arrangements for you.
I have put you with Willie.

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