Fred Claus (2007): Clyde's Childhood


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The clip Clyde's childhood from Fred Claus (2007) with Kevin Spacey

By the time the sun rises, it will all be over.
See you in the morning.
Clyde Archibald Northcutt...
...422 Dashwood Drive...
...Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Yeah, you made the Most-Naughty list in '68.
Oh, boy, that was a very, very naughty year.
How could you possibly remember that?
You asked me for a Superman cape.
But I didn't give you a Superman cape, did I?
Did you always wear glasses, Clyde?
If you think this changes anything...
Four-Eyed Clyde.
I bet that's what they called you.
I don't know what you're talk...
Oh, and do you think that after a while of being called Four-Eyed Clyde... maybe got a little angry?
Maybe you started a fight or two. Maybe 10, maybe 12.
So you asked me for something.
A Superman cape.
Because you thought that that was gonna change everything.
This is ridiculous.
So you decide to stay Four-Eyed Clyde?
Because Clark Kent wore glasses!
But when he turned into Superman...
...he didn't need those darn glasses anymore, did he?
Oh, Clyde.
It was wrong of me not to give you that gift, Clyde.
I fear that I had a very incorrect...
...misguided understanding of...
...naughty children.

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