Barb Wire (1996): Congressional Men Arrive


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The clip congressional men arrive from Barb Wire (1996)

Joe, see if you can get some food down Charlie"s neck.
Willis, what"s with the monkey suit?.
You know how uniforms impress the Congressionals.
The Delegation arrived this morning. They could be here any minute.
Excuse me, Barb.
My table?.
Best in the house, as requested.
Just keep them away from the weapons check.
We don"t want any customers from the United Front trying to get even.
You"ll find our guests from Washington command more respect than that.
You"re confusing respect with fear.
Speak of the devil.
They are punctual, I"ll give "em that.
You"ll join us for a drink later?. On my tab, of course.
Fat chance.
Colonel Pryzer, Alexander Willis, Director of Police Operations.
Welcome to Steel Harbor.
Wipe that smile off your face.
This burnt-out hell-hole is the last place on earth I want to be.
If it wasn"t for your almost complete incompetence,
I wouldn"t be here in the first place, would I?.
Yes, well, needless to say,
we had intended to have both Krebs and Cora D sent to Washington by now.

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