Barb Wire (1996): Axel Meets Barb


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The clip Axel meets Barb from Barb Wire (1996)

Too late.
Hello, Barb.
You all right?.
I guess I deserved that.
Get out.
I need your help.
Rot in hell.
I will. I remember when you believed in something.
I remember how it felt. Like I was kicked in the stomach.
I"m looking for a man named Krebs. I"ve got 24 hours.
I don"t even know how I feel. I don"t feel much anymore.
Just trust me, please.
Trust you. Like I did in Seattle?.
It was not what you think. I never wanted to hurt you.
Now"s not the time to explain.
You"re three years late, Axel.
Get out and don"t come back.
Your check, sir.
Such blatant disregard for money.
Thank you for you hospitality. I do hope you"ll think about our offer.
I"m thinking about it.

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