Barb Wire (1996): Charlie Meets Axel Again


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The clip Charlie meets Axel again from Barb Wire (1996)

Hello, Charlie.
This must be a post-traumatic stress flashback.
I could swear I just heard an old voice from the battlefield.
Surprised to see me?.
Do I look surprised?.
Guess you didn"t hear.
A Congressional smart grenade. It followed me all the way to my foxhole.
I thought I"d dug it deep enough. I guess I didn"t.
I"m sorry.
Yeah. Me too.
Miss, two bourbons.
You don"t have to buy me a drink, Axel.
I"m tight with the management here.
You got a lot of nerve coming in here.
I had no choice. Where"s Barb?.
I don"t think talking to Barb"s a good idea.
She took Seattle a lot harder than I did.
I need her help, Charlie. I need her to put us in touch with local resistance.
Haven"t you heard?.
Barb"s retired.
Leave, now, before Barb sees you.
There"s no telling what she"ll do.
There he is.

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