Barb Wire (1996): Torturing Woman Part 2


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The clip torturing woman Part 2 from Barb Wire (1996) with Steve Railsback

You"re so beautiful. I"m sorry.
Colonel, Executive Council on line two.
Tell him to hold.
Subject terminated.
Colonel Pryzer, any word yet on our traitorous doctor, Cora D?
I"m not gonna pander to that mythic-name bullshit.
Well, Dr Devonshire still poses quite a problem to the Congressionals.
Her escape may jeopardise our strongest defensive action yet.
I"m fully aware of that, citizen.
Dr Devonshire was privy to the most sensitive military secrets
of the Republic.
Her DNA holds the antidote to our greatest biochemical weapon.
She must be captured alive at any cost.
I"ll take care of your problem, citizen. I"ll get my hands dirty for you again.
I wouldn"t be cleaning up your mess,
if you"d stopped her from escaping Washington.
Well, I, uh... I had no direct knowledge of that operation.
Of course it was a vital part of our contract to...
Save it for the UN.
Dr Corrina Devonshire, Cora D,
whatever she calls herself, it really doesn"t matter.
She belongs to me.

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