Dawn of the Dead (1978): Locating Patient


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The clip locating patient from Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Not tomorrow. The day after. Right.
You, me, Gary, Brad. We'll be teeing off at...
I like Gary.
Doctor, I'm in a hurry...
We'll tee off at 7:30. If you're not there because of Gary, come on. I gotta go.
Am I missing something?
Why a head X-ray when the man was bitten on the hand?
The patient was in a barfight. He was admitted at six.
That's 6:00 AM. That's when I started my shift.
Where is he now? I'd like to see him.
They moved him. A night nurse...
Page me when you find him.
I'll do that.
Cora, can you locate a patient for me?
Hey, Ana. Sure.
Edward Solomon?
Aren't you off?
An hour ago.
Here he is. They had him backwards. Solomon Edward. He's in ICU.
From a bite?
I don't know what from.
Toxicology's working him up tomorrow.
I'm going. Can you let Dr. Dandewar know?
Did you talk to Luis about Sunday?
I will. Night, Cora.

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