Dawn of the Dead (1978): Bringing Food to Neighbor


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The clip bringing food to neighbor from Dawn of the Dead (1978) with Jake Weber, Ty Burrell

It's not just about him starving.
If we pick him up and he doesn't have his strength, we'll be carrying him.
She's right. He's a hell of a shot. We need him.
I'm not saying we don't.
There's no point in arguing.
We need to get some food over there.
I know. We draw straws and the loser runs across the lot with a ham sandwich.
Could you be a bigger prick?
Yes, but that's irrelevant.
My question is, what's your plan?
Come on!
I got it.
Shut up!
... more ammunition.
I have an idea.
It's hurting him! It's not safe!
They're not interested in him.
They want us, OK? Chips is gonna be fine.
See? Look, they're not even paying attention to him.
The walkie's in the bag? Yeah.
Let me see. Let me see!
There he is.
Good boy. Good boy, Chips.
OK, he's there, he's in.
Give me those.
Oh, man.
What? What?
No. Oh, man. They got him. They got him!
I'll try him on the radio. Andy. Andy, do you copy?
Andy, can you hear me?
'Can you hear me? Hello? This thing working?
'I'm dinged up pretty bad but I think I'll be OK.'

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