Dawn of the Dead (1978): Fort Pastor Bloodbath


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The clip fort pastor bloodbath from Dawn of the Dead (1978) with Jake Weber, Ty Burrell

Since the TVs went down...
Excuse me. Whose rig is that?
It's mine.
You mind if I borrow it?
I'm not using it.
They're in the cab.
The truck won't make it to Fort Pastor.
Forget it. That place is fucked.
Bloodbath city.
How do you know?
We just came from there.
Is everyone there dead?
Is everyone there dead?
In the sense that they all sort of fell down and then...
I have to see.
You won't make it.
... got up and...
I'll get as far as I can.
One foot.
... started eating each other.
I'll take my chances.
Don't be an idiot.
Please. The people here could use your help.
Fuck y'all.
It's nice to see you've all bonded through this disaster.

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