Fast & Furious (2009): a Good Case


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The clip a good case from Fast & Furious (2009) with Jack Conley, Paul Walker

O'Conner! If you ever release a witness of mine again...
That's enough! STASIAK: Don't touch me.
I'm fine! PENNING: That's enough.
You're through, O'Conner! I said that's enough!
Stasiak, go get yourself cleaned up.
What? He hit me first! You...
This isn't the Cub Scouts!
Now, go on! You're bleeding on my floor.
O'Conner, do you know the difference between a cop and a criminal?
What? One bad judgment call.
Keep your shit in line, son.
Have a good time.
Take a seat.
Good news. We have intel that Braga's number two, Ramon Campos,
will hold a street race in Koreatown tomorrow night
to fill a slot on his team.
They've already chosen three drivers from previous races.
Our newest informant, Mr. David Park,
has been kind enough to get us into the race.
O'Conner, you're up.
Let me guess, winner gets the slot.
All right, so these are all the imports the city has in impound.
Okay, nice. Pick your poison.
All right, 2206. I crashed one of those.
3418 and 2765.
Okay, so which one do you want?
I want them all.

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