Fast & Furious (2009): FBI Meeting


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The clip FBI meeting from Fast & Furious (2009) with Paul Walker

I just got off the phone with Deputy Director Lawson.
If we don't make serious inroads into the Braga case in the next 72 hours,
they're gonna shut us down.
I know I'm a newbie here, but why the clock now?
Because it's been two years,
and the last three agents we sent to infiltrate his organization
came back in body bags.
He's moved more heroin across the border than Escobar did in 10 years.
This guy is becoming one of our biggest national threats,
and we don't even have a picture of him.
We don't have prints! Not even a goddamn DOB!
What's the status on David Park?
Isn't he our ticket into the Braga organization?
We're running the name through city and county databases, sorting the possibilities.
We've got over 500 already.
Park's insignificant. Sounds like another jerk-off to me.
It's not. Without Park, Braga wouldn't have drivers to move his shipments.
Cross-check traffic. illegal modifications.
Street racing. This guy will definitely have a record. We'll find him.
We better.
What do you know?
Your boy Toretto's red Chevelle has been spotted in his old neighborhood.
I'm going to bring his ass in.
Not in your car you're not.

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