Fast & Furious (2009): the Trial


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The clip the trial from Fast & Furious (2009) with Lou Beatty Jr.

All rise.
Please be seated.
Please rise, Mr. Toretto.
I've listened to the testimony
and taken into special consideration
Agent O'Conner's appeal of clemency on behalf of Mr. Toretto.
That his actions directly resulted in the apprehension
of known drug trafficker Arturo Braga.
this judiciary finds that
one right does not make up for a lifetime worth of wrongs.
And as such,
I find that I am forced to level the maximum sentence under California law.
Dominic Toretto,
you are hereby sentenced to serve 25 years to life
at the Lompoc maximum security prison system
without the possibility of early parole.
This court is adjourned.

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