Singin' in the Rain (1952): Talking Picture


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The clip talking picture from Singin' in the Rain (1952) with Donald O'Connor, Millard Mitchell

All right, open that screen.
A movie? We just saw one.
Gotta show one at a party. It's a law.
Everybody, I've got a few surprises for you.
All right, sit down, sit down.
This'll make you laugh.
There's a madman coming into my office for months, and-
You got that gadget working?
All set.
Okay, let her go.
This is a demonstration of a talking picture.
Notice, it is a picture of me and I am talking.
Note how my lips and the sound issuing from them...
...are synchronized together... perfect unison.
Who's that?
Somebody's talking behind that screen.
Come out from behind that screen, Mr. Simpson.
Oh, no. I'm right here.
My voice has been recorded on a record.
A talking picture.
Thank you.
It's just a toy.
It's a scream!
It's vulgar.
You think they'll ever use it?
I doubt it. Warners is making a picture with it, The Jazz Singer.
They'll lose their shirts.
It'll never amount to a thing.
They said that about the horseless carriage.
Let's get on with the show. Okay, boys.
Come on, my little starlets.

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