Singin' in the Rain (1952): Lina's Voice


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The clip Lina's voice from Singin' in the Rain (1952) with Millard Mitchell, Donald O'Connor

Hot diggity! It's a smash!
Don, Lina, you were gorgeous!
Lina, you looked pretty good for a girl.
What's the big idea?
Can't a girl get a word in edgewise? They're my public too!
The publicity department...
...thought it'd be better if Don made all the speeches for the team.
You're beautiful. Audiences think you got a voice to match.
We gotta keep our stars from looking ridiculous at any cost.
No one's got that much money.
What's wrong with the way I talk?
Am I dumb or something?
No, it's just that Don's had so much more experience-
Next time, write me out a speech. I could memorize it.
Sure. Why don't you recite the Gettysburg Address?
What do you know about it, you piano player? Are you anybody?
Donnie, how can you let him talk to me like that, your fianc�e?
My fia-
Lina, you've been reading those fan magazines again.
Look, you shouldn't believe all that banana oil...
...that Dora Bailey dishes out.
Now, try to get this straight: There is nothing between us.
There has never been anything between us.
Just air.
Oh, Donnie, you don't mean that.
We'll be late for R.F.'s party.
Better go in separate cars to break up the mobs. Come on, honey.
Ta-ta, Donnie! See you there!
"Donnie. "
Can't that girl take a gentle hint?
Haven't you heard? She's irresistible. She told me so.
I can't get her out of my hair. This romance for publicity...
The price of fame. You've got the glory.
The little heartaches go with it.
Look at me. I got no glory. I got no fame. I got no mansions.
I got no money. But I've got-
What have I got?
I don't know.
I gotta get out of here.

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