Blade II (2002): Priest's Death Throes


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The clip Priest's death throes from Blade II (2002) with Wesley Snipes, Danny John-Jules

What happened?
Why didn't you tell me these things were immune to silver and garlic?
I didn't know.
If you did, would you have told me?
I think you know the truth when you hear it.
Mm-hmm. Then why didn't he kill you?
How long since he's been bitten?
About 20 minutes.
His skin is fucking burning.
He's already starting to change.
Will someone just shut him the fuck up?
Kill me now, Chupa!
A man without fear.
Hold on!
Hold him, Chupa!
Come on, man!
Put him out of his fucking misery!
Don't you get it? You can't finish him that way!
Hold him down! Hold him down, Chupa!
Back off!
If that was your Bloodpack Sunday punch, we're in trouble.

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