Blade II (2002): You're One of Us


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The clip you're one of us from Blade II (2002) with Kris Kristofferson, Norman Reedus

What are you looking for?
Phosphor rods.
If I can suss out the light source, maybe I can make some sort of UV flash-bang grenade or something.
It's been tried already.
But you didn't have the Scudster working on it then, did you?
The way you talk to them... us.
What is it?
We are together in this, remember?
Why do you hate us so much?
It's fate.
It's in my blood.
It's in mine, too.
I'm a pureblood. I was born a vampire.
You know the thirst better than any of us shooting that serum of yours.
The only difference between us, is that I made peace with what I am a long time ago.
How long have you known Blade, anyway?
Going on 20 years.
He doesn't talk about the old days that much.

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