Blade II (2002): Scud and Whistler Clash


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The clip Scud and Whistler clash from Blade II (2002)

Whistler, nice to meet you, man. I heard a lot about you.
I'm Josh. You can call me 'Scud.' Everybody does.
Tell me something, Skid...
No, man, it's 'Scud,' like 'stud.'
Whatever. What did you do in here?
The pimpmobile? Just a little after-market modification.
Nitrous oxide and shit like that.
Oh, yeah.
You gave it a more aggressive exhaust profile ramping.
The whole package will crank that Betty up, maybe 300 horsepower.
You'll burn the damned thing out before your next oil change.
Where did you dig up this shitbird, anyway?
What the fuck is your problem, Poppy?
My problem is I've been sucking blood clots for two years.
I get out to find some jerkoff fucking with my life's work.
We jeopardised our whole operation to save your puckered arse!
Our operation?
Our operation? I built this operation, you arse-wipe!
Motion sensors! It's on three, gentlemen.
Body temperature, 50. I'd guess, suckhead.
Fried. They're using magnesium flares.
They've got your security system scoped out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't trust you...

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