John Q (2002): Nurse Reggie's Surprise


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The clip Nurse Reggie's surprise from John Q (2002)

What's that?
It's a diuretic to help get rid of some of the fluid build-up.
It's potassium-depleting, so he needs this one to supplement.
And those?
Dopamine for his blood pressure, Dig for his heart, Primacor.
It seems like so much.
Yeah, it's a lot.
This is antibiotic.
What for?
It's prophylactic, just in case.
And those?
These two?
They're for pain.
I don't feel so good.
This is going to make you feel yucky for a few minutes, buddy.
I'm going to get you some of those crunchy ice chips you want.
How does that sound?
Mike, by the way, there was this guy, he stopped by to see you.
He said he was a friend of yours. I got him right here.
I didn't know if I should let him in. What do you think?
He's okay.
He's okay?
Said he wanted to hang out with you.
He's okay.
That's great.
Thank you.

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